9th November 2009

Bulkheads revisited

Hours: 1.4 | Posted in Bulkheads

Drilled out and replaced several rivets on the center section that I was unhappy with (those that hold the web stiffeners to the web of the forward piece). A couple were standing proud of flush, and needed a touch with the countersink, plus I forgot to spot-prime all six.  So they’re now primed and replaced.  Riveted the inner cover brackets in place as well, so the center section can be set aside for now.

Aft side of center section Forward side of center section

Laid out and clecoed the firewall components to the firewall in preparation for riveting.  Discovered that I was mistaken in my mental picture of how a couple of pieces laid in there, so two small spacer pieces which needed interior color paint didn’t get it.  While I was at it, decided to scuff up and spray the power-coated steel corner pieces, as well.  Will hit them again with the spray can in the morning for the second coat, and they should be ready when I get back to the project at the end of the week.

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