15th July 2007

Rudder prep & prime

Hours: 3.5 | Posted in Rudder

Continued on the rudder with etch & priming.  I masked the trailing edge of the skins, looking ahead to the proseal that will eventually adhere there.  Haven’t ordered tools yet, as we’re in a bit of a financial crunch at the moment.  I may set this aside and do some work on the elevators to keep the momentum going forward.

Rudder parts primed Rudder skins

In other news, I’ve finished up my instrument flying, so now all that remains on that front is some test prep & ground work to prepare for the oral exam.  I hope to take my checkride at the end of the month, or the first part of August…providing the weather holds out.  I’m looking forward to the accomplishment, but also know that flight time will diminish greatly after it’s done — I can’t afford to keep up this pace!

Plans are being discussed for the possibility of a trip to Oshkosh for the first 2 or 3 days of the show.  We didn’t get tickets for the RV BBQ since registration was closed and we still hadn’t decided whether we were going or not, and whether Allison’s class schedule would allow us to be there that Wednesday.  The discussion online, though, seems to indicate that there will be plenty of RVer’s there for the early-to-midweek stretch.  Last year, we arrived Friday eve, and left Sunday afternoon: lots of folks had departed by then.  The potential plan for this year is to drive out Sunday afternoon, and leave later Wed or Thu morning.

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