14th May 2007

More HS progress

Hours: 6.75 | Posted in Horiz. Stabilizer

My flight lesson was cancelled today because of wind (20′s gusting 30-35), and the temps were in the low 90′s, so a good day to hang out in the shop. 

Started out doing some deburring on the spars & doublers, lightening holes, etc.  Need to pick up some smaller files, curved/rounded, etc to dress out the inside radii on the doublers.  Then cut & set up the HS cradle and built up the right side in the skin.  The nose ribs took a few tries to get the hang of, fluting them to fit the proper curve.  The rest of it went together nicely, the holes all lined up well and dropped into place.  Reamed the holes to #40, then repeat for the left side.  Remembered to put the spar doublers in on the first try this time…

Wrapped up the day by rounding the point off an old soldering iron and melting lines in the plastic sheeting.  Deburring of all the skin holes is next, then dimpling.  I need to order some primer & find a gun so I’m ready to shoot when that time comes.

Right HS in cradle Setting clecos on the left HS

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