29th August 2009

Left flap drilled, deburring

Hours: 4.6 | Posted in Flaps

Attached the left flap nose skins, drilled the skins, and inserted/drilled the trailing edge.  Then disassembled the left flap, and got to work deburring flap parts…much like the wing nose ribs, the ribs for the flaps have numerous little tabs on them, and the main ribs taper into a very tight gap at the aft end, making the process more of a pain than usual (sometimes quite literally, as the attempt to slide a finger into that narrow aft end can remove skin).  I got through all of the hole deburring on the hinge assemblies, ribs, and inboard end pieces before going slightly nuts and needing a deburring breather.

Left flap drilled Left flap inboard end Flap components for deburring

Still hoping to wrap the wings (with the exception of bottom skins and tips) before school starts in earnest after Labor Day…which may or may not actually be possible.

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