23rd August 2009

Ailerons complete

Hours: 2.4 | Posted in Ailerons

Finished up the ailerons by drilling the brackets to the spars, then bolting them in place.  Those bolts/nuts are hard to get at with even a small open-end wrench, so I once again had to estimate the torque by “feeling” the torque wrench and trying to apply the same force to the bolt.  Spot-primed where the tigthening process had scuffed some primer off, and added torque-seal to all the bolts.  Messed around attaching them to the wing, and left them attached for storage; not all the attach hardware is in place, and none is tight, as the book seems to indicate that they’ll come off again in the process of fitting the bellcrank & pushrods.

The up travel on the aileron is limited by contact in the hinge brackets (later by the physical stop, once installed); down travel seems to be limited by the nose of the aileron contacting the bottom of the top wing skin/gap fairing.  This is the same on both sides and appears to be normal, but I don’t have a tool handy right now to measure the up/down travel to verify things are to spec.

Ailerons are done!

Left aileron on wing Allison inspects the ailerons Inboard aileron bracket

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