21st August 2009

More ailerons

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No work today, so I was able to get in a long afternoon/evening session.  It’s supposed to be a beautiful weekend after the last few days of clouds…thoughts of flying in the clear fall-like weather are a good motivation. Allison has been after me to schedule a flight review (my flight review currency expires at the end of August), but I haven’t yet.  It’s been over a year since my last flight (7/4/08).

Bought a couple bags of pea gravel from the hardware store for weight; discovered that lead shot is expensive!  The gravel was a couple bucks a bag; not as easy to handle, but cheap and gets the job done.

Finished off the drilling of the left aileron components and the trailing edge, then took it apart for deburring, and countersunk the various parts.  Drilling the stainless tube went alright…used Boelube and cranked the air pressure down to 20psi on the drill for a slower speed.  Didn’t even use up one bit (I had extras on hand, as I’d read reports of others going through several).

After the left one was set aside (ready for skin dimpling and priming), I brought the right aileron through all the steps the left one has seen in the past week.  It’s now disassembled, awaiting deburring ans countersinking.  With luck, tomorrow I should be able to get everything finished, primed and ready for assembly.

Aileron assembly

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