14th July 2009

LE light lenses and wing miscellany

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Fit the leading edge light lens to the right wing, using the same process as for the left wing earlier.  Once that was fit (always easier the second time!), and the light bracket mounted in the wing, I assembled both sets of retainer strips that hold the lenses in place–these parts were primed along with the right wing skins.  Used the double-stick tape to attach them to the lenses, and screwed the lenses in place on both wings.  I did install the thin foam weatherstrip tape inside the opening, as listed in the instructions.

Fitting right LE lens Right LE lens installed Right LE assembly Right LE lens installed, inside view

Once both lenses were in place (which completes the LE lights, save for the bulbs) , I flipped the right wing off the stand and into the wing cart, and took apart the stand.  Clecoed the right wing flap & aileron brackets in place, pulled out the aileron/flap gap fairings, and looked at how the flap bracket angles need to be fabricated.  Spent awhile cleaning up the shop from all the projects that have been going on lately…starting to look decent in here again–who knows, might be able get a car or two in here soon!

Both wings in cart

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