26th June 2007

Beginnings of a rudder

Hours: 2.6 | Posted in Rudder

Couldn’t resist the siren song of aluminum…and the cool shop on a 90+ day.  The big concrete slab moderates the temperature quite nicely, so when the house is sweltering, I can escape to my cave.

Laid out the rudder skins and cut the stiffeners to length, smoothed the ends on the scotchbrite wheel, and match-drilled to the skins.  Also deburred the skin holes before the dinner bell.  These skins are quite thin compared to the material used in the stabilizers, and the manual warns strongly about over-deburring, so I was careful, and I think it turned out nicely.  I did drill into the tabletop; I built my workbenches to have easily replaceable MDF tops, so it wasn’t a concern.  The one complaint I have with the benches is that if it gets wet at all–water, etch, condensation from a can of soda, anything–it swells up and makes a little hill that needs to be sanded down flat.  when I replace the top, I will look into sealing it with something to prevent this from happening.

Stiffeners cut to size Stiffeners drilled to rudder skins Cleco forest!

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