4th June 2009

Right tank testing

Hours: 1.3 | Posted in Fuel Tanks

Set up the right tank for a leak test…as with the left tank, still fighting with the tape over the fuel cap, but after a couple tries, I think I got it to seal tight.  The pressure held fairly consistently until the temperature started to fall as the sun went down, and there were no bubbles observed on the spray-with-soapy-water check (except for the plug in the drain fitting, which I tightened to stop the leak), so I’m optimistic about this one.  Having no obvious leaks makes me feel almost as if something’s gone wrong, since reports of leaks on initial testing seem to be common…I suppose the true test will be in several years, when they see fuel for the first time.  Left the tank set up on the manometer, and will check again tomorrow to see how it fared.

Right tank leak testing Water manometer, redneck version

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