26th June 2007

VS essentially done

Hours: 1.7 | Posted in Vert. Stabilizer

Finished up riveting the vertical stabilizer this afternoon; like the HS, the rear spar has been left off at this time to allow for inspection when I get ahold of a Tech Counselor.  (I admit, I haven’t done anything beyond send an email…)  Riveting went smoothly following lessons learned on the HS, and didn’t take long at all–there’s not nearly as much here to rivet.  Ended up with one small smile on the skin, but nothing I’m going to worry about.

I couldn’t resist setting the VS atop the HS on the bench and snapping a picture.  Too cool…can’t wait to get the wings on order.  Once I have a steady income again!

VS skeleton ready to rivet VS skin clecoed on VS & HS ready for inspection...starting to look like airplane parts.

Also finished up my required solo hours this morning, though I expect to put in a couple more practicing for the checkride.  My ground ref stuff has improved; I found that if I don’t worry about holding altitude, I can hold it much better.  Go figure.  :P   I was actually surprised how well it went the last time, considering I haven’t done any of those maneuvers for months…

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