25th June 2007

Priming is so…riveting!

Hours: 2.7 | Posted in Vert. Stabilizer

Started out the day by priming the VS parts.  The discovery for today is that rinsing the etch chemical off the parts using water from the garden hose is a no-no.  (I was trying to keep the parts out of the shower at Allison’s request :) ).  We have much iron in our water, and it created blackish spots on the parts where it had dried.  They didn’t come off by just rubbing, or with acetone, so I decided to re-scrub them with the etch, in case the iron was a corrosion possibility.  Rinsed them in the shower (the water in the house is softened & filtered, whereas the hose water is tee-d off the line straight from the well), and no problems.  I set them out on the priming table and put my big utility fan blowing at them to speed the process.

Everything looked good with that done, so after lunch I shot them with primer, as well as swabbed primer in the holes of the steel hinge brackets.  Allowing some time for it all to dry, we riveted the rear spar after dinner.  That squeezer does an awesome job, and I’m glad I sprang for the longeron yoke.  I expect that riveting the rest of the assembly will go smoothly…most of it’s squeezable, too.  I’m starting to read build logs of rudder assembly.

 VS parts primed VS skin primed internally VS spar rivets

Came in after the spar to do some flight planning for my scheduled night X-C tomorrow…not sure if it will go because of weather (forecast is for clouds & rain, and stiff winds), but if tomorrow turns out like tonight, it will be gorgeous.  I’m also going to ask for the knowledge test signoff and see if I can get that done this week; my computer tests (software from checkride.com) have been going well.

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