23rd June 2007

VS drilling & finishing

Hours: 2.5 | Posted in Vert. Stabilizer

Assembled the VS skeleton & skin tonight.  At first it didn’t look like things were going to line up (and I was wondering what I goofed up), but as I worked down the line of holes, everything fell into place.  I think the blue plastic on the spars was making things a bit tight in some places.  I did trim the nose of the top rib slightly–just put an angle on the front of the tabs at the forward part; it didn’t want to fit, even with serious nose fluting, because the leading edge of the skin continues to taper inwards above the rib.  I have seen a number of other logs where this was done, with no problems.  Edge distance on the front skin-spar rivet is still ok, and everything fits nicely.

With everything clecoed together, it was a simple job to match-drill the skin.  Edge-finished the spars and doubler after disassembling the assembly; the ribs were done the other night.  Should be a short few steps from here to priming & assembly.

HS clecoed Upper VS rib nose section Apart for finishing

I’ve also left an email for a local Tech Counselor, hoping to get another set of eyes to look over my HS riveting and check my skill!

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