22nd June 2007

Beginnings of a VS

Hours: 1.4 | Posted in Vert. Stabilizer

Today was errands day at our house, so we spent much of the day running about the cities (well, the suburbs really, but..) in search of this or that.  In the evening, I carved out some time to start the vertical stabilizer.

Laid out all the parts and clecoed the rear spar, doubler, and hinge brackets together per the plans, and match drilled.  The bottom set of brackets needs to have two holes per piece drilled through the bracket to match the spar.  The two holes on the ultimate bottom bracket have their the size and position set according to what version you’re building: tailwheel or nosewheel.  These holes are drilled through all three pieces in the assembly.  The plans/instructions indicate that these holes are drilled in assembly with the fuselage, but this, according to some other build logs, is only the case for the tailwheel model.  I cross-checked DWG 27A, and it indicated that the bottom holes for the -A model are an extension of the rivet sequence already there, and are not connected to the fuselage.  Another builder had written the factory and asked about this, and was told to go ahead and drill/rivet these lower holes during the VS build.  (The above, of course, is mostly for my recollection, in three years when I get to the point of mounting the VS and the instructions say to drill these holes, and…wait…they’re already riveted!  What happened?)  I drilled the holes.

Deburred and fluted the VS ribs too, and smoothed out a few scratches on those pieces.

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