19th June 2007

HS ready for inspection

Hours: 3.5 | Posted in Horiz. Stabilizer

Completed the riveting on the HS today by assembling the left side.  One drilled out rivet and a couple minor dings where the flush set walked away from solid backing…always disappointing, but they’re quite minor and I’m not getting bent out of shape (no pun intended!).  I’m ready for the HS to be inspected and then squeeze the rear skin-spar rivets and store it away!  Also assembled the center elevator bearing/hinge and match-drilled the rear spar; this gets bolted on after the spar is riveted in place.

Allison the other day was sitting on the couch and staring off into space…I asked her what she was thinking and she replied “I think we should aim to have the plane finished in the summer of 2009.”  “Uhh, you know that’s only two years away!”  “Yeah.”  Not that it couldn’t be done (and it has, many times), but…not on our budget!  :P   I think in order to have a short completion, a person needs to have the cash to order the kits ahead of time so there’s not a 2- or 3-month work stoppage (and skill forget-tage) while waiting for the next kit or component to arrive.

HS ready to inspect Center HS hinge bearing

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