7th February 2009

Beginning wing riveting prep

Hours: 2.5 | Posted in Skin Panels, Spars & Skeleton

Evening session…pulled the leading edge assemblies off the wings, followed by the J-stringers and skins.  That’s a metric boatload of holes and pieces to be deburred, dimpled, and primed.  I’ve read that the mil-spec on riveting indicates that holes which are dimpled (aka “form countersunk”) are not required to be deburred, but it seems the common practice is to deburr the holes anyway, and that’s what I’ve been doing so far.  I suspect I will need to order more primer to finish this off…maybe it’s time to bite the bullet and order the gallon can instead of the quart.

After everything was pulled apart, I deburred the holes in the spar web (LE rib-to-spar holes), and countersunk all the skin-to-spar holes to receive the dimpled skins.  Lotta countersinks.  Finished off by blowing the shavings out of the skeleton and giving the shop a good sweeping.

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