17th June 2007

Started HS riveting

Hours: 3.7 | Posted in Horiz. Stabilizer

Began riveting the right HS this afternoon. Clecoed the nose ribs in place, followed by riveting them from the front to the rear. What an awful space to try and drive your first “real” rivets! Managed to escape with only a couple minor dings on the bottom side, mid nose rib, and a couple drilled out rivets. (Allison helped for a short while–she does well, but could use a bit more confidence. I do have to say that both of the dings were my fault…)

After the nose ribs were in, riveted the no. 2 & 4 main ribs to the front spar, clecoed that into place, and riveted the rib-spar-nose rib joints. Pulled rivets on the center rib required flexing the main rib out of the way to get clearance for the nose of the puller. No problem-o. Clecoed the skin to the ribs and called it a night.

Riveting nose ribs HS assembly in progress

Many thanks to my wife, who let me rivet (and even came out to help) on our first anniversary. :)

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