18th August 2012

Flight testing

Hours: 4.5 | Posted in Flight Test

Made two short test flights today, in search of the solution to the engine problem.  I’m starting to believe there are actually two separate things going on in there.  One may be related to idle mixture/power adjustments, and the other seems heat related, possibly a vapor lock type situation with fuel vaporizing on the way to the spider.

In any event, the compression on #2 has been checked good at 78/80, the cold EGT has been verified to stay with the cylinder and not follow the probe, injectors have been swapped, spark plugs replaced, and idle mixture and speed adjusted.  I scuttled a third test hop later in the day because the hot engine was stumbling while taxiing out.  I may get out there after church tomorrow morning to fly it and check if the idle fuel adjustments made any difference in the EGT drop problem.  If today’s flights were a guide, it won’t stumble in the morning, since the engine will be cold.

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