9th August 2012

Ready for inspection

Hours: 2.7 | Posted in Endgame

No work on the plane yesterday, as I came home from the office and put in a second 8-hour shift working to get some client projects out the door.  The previous night, I sorted through my build documentation pile and found all the in-progress inspection sheets from tech counselor visits and packing lists.  Also finished the first version of the POH and entered the checklists into the EFIS data card.

Tonight after work, I slipped out to the hangar and polished off the rest of the work there.  Removed the spinner and cut the safety wire on the prop, loosened the bolts, and retorqued them to the specified value.  Reinstalled the safety wire, but left the spinner off for the inspection.

Pumped a few squirts of grease into the nosegear fork pivot, for good measure.  I have a little rubber cap for the zerk that I found in the Fly Market at OSH a couple years back, which is supposed to keep the leaking down in case the ball doesn’t stay firmly seated.

Loaded the checklist file into the EFIS and made sure it displayed properly, and verified the fuel level alarms are set the way I want them.

Finally, with the condition inspection checklist complete (except for the fairing/inspection panel reinstallation lines), I signed off on the engine ground run and inspection entries in the logbooks.  Finally, laid out all the documentation, build log, POH, logbooks, tech counselor reports, and so on, for the inspection.

We are officially ready for the DAR inspection.  With any luck, we’ll be airworthy by the weekend.

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