6th August 2012

Inspection pending

Posted in Endgame

I heard back from the DAR today…the inspection is officially scheduled for 8:30 Friday morning.

Just a couple things to wrap up before then: I need to remove the spinner, retorque the prop bolts, and add some grease to the nosegear pivot.  Also, make the final entries in the engine & airframe logbooks.

I also want to test the comm radio, but that may not happen until later, since I know the radio doesn’t work well inside the hangar with its double-layer metal walls.  And, I’ll load the checklists into the EFIS when I have them finished.

Insurance needs to be finalized, first flight still to be set up, and 3 more hours of transition training — but we’re getting close…

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  1. 1 On August 8th, 2012, Bob Collins said:

    If you want to test the com tonight (Wed), I’ll fly over and circle and you can roll it out of the hangar and give it a try… we can test how far I can receive it (and reverse).