5th August 2012

Engine run done

Hours: 1.6 | Posted in Endgame

Logged another 3 hours on transition training this morning on a neat trip over to Waukesha (near Milwaukee WI).  We picked up flight following on the way out for the experience, and did some autopilot work on the way back.  In between, saw a nice RV-3 and a T-6, and heard some classical guitar.  The 1:15-ish enroute time gave us a chance to talk about various aspects of owning, maintaining, and flying these machines, along with being a safe pilot.  A fun day, for sure.

Back on the ground, looked over yesterday’s work, updated some paperwork, and finally pulled the plane out for another engine run.  The last thing on my engine check checklist was to verify that turning the fuel selector to “off” did indeed shut down the fuel flow to the engine.  Testing showed that it did, though it takes a surprisingly long time for all the fuel to be sucked out of the lines (at least at the low RPM’s I was running).  I also did another ignition check, and verified yesterday’s idle speed findings.  Having nothing better to do, I taxied down to the compass rose and checked the indications on the EFIS for north and south…right on.  Back to the hangar, shutdown with 1.02 on the Hobbs…engine runs complete.

Inspected the FWF for leaks, as I’ve done after each engine run…all clear.  The last remaining task on the condition inspection checklist is to pull the spinner & inspect the prop, then retorque the prop bolts.  I also need to finish up work on the preliminary POH, including checklists and preflight inspection.  And, “publish” the build log for the inspection.  Then, it’s just waiting for the inspector to stop by.

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