2nd August 2012

Small progress being made

Hours: 2.2 | Posted in Endgame

The first week back at work after time away always feels long. Made it out to the airport tonight for a couple hours, and updated the software in the EFIS, loaded the latest map files, as well as removed all the panels aft of the seats, and started pulling seatpan screws. Also added a placard to the bulkhead channel behind the seats, stating the max baggage capacity. I stopped off at Menard’s on the way and bought a little organizer caddy to hold the various fasteners from all the panels.

Talked to the MIDO today, and they said they had received the packet and already sent it out to the DAR, so I called to let him know it was on the way. He called back later in the day to say he had it, and needed a measurement of the wing, which I emailed to him after coming back from the hangar. Also talked to SteinAir and set up a transponder inspection for Saturday morning. And, scheduled more training with Tom Berge for Sunday late morning/afternoon.

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