24th July 2012

More pants

Hours: 7.0 | Posted in Endgame, Gear & Fairings

Bled the R brake system and tested…no leaks yet.

Installed the seat pans with a few screws, and dropped in the pilot seat.

Worked on the nose pant more, countersinking for the attach screws and adding nutplates.  Fit it back to the fork and finalized the size of the towbar holes.  Added an air access hole for servicing the tire, after finding the spot on the pant via laser.  Fully seated the towbar and marked it with yellow tape, as a witness line to full engagement.  This should eliminate guessing as to whether it actually went all the way onto the pins.

Spent the rest of the session working on the leg fairings.  Tracing the plan, cutting to size, finding the no-twist state, taping it secure, marking & drilling the hinges.

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