7th July 2012

Pants & more

Hours: 5.8 | Posted in Endgame, Gear & Fairings

In the afternoon, I was in the home shop: deburred and primed the wing root fairings, along with all the brackets for the wheelpants.  Located and packed up more things I would need at the hangar to work on the wheelpants.

Evening brought a trip to the hangar.  Installed the rubber seal on the wing root fairings.  Managed to get the main gear wheelpant brackets installed.  Drilled & cut the slots in the nosegear pant brackets, but need to bring a larger hex wrench to remove the towbar bolts, as they are what hold the brackets on.  Countersunk and installed a flush hex bolt for the nosewheel axle retainer.


Removed the seats and floor panels to be ready for a preinspection tomorrow.

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