23rd June 2012

Smooth tips

Hours: 1.8 | Posted in Endgame, Wingtips

Work occupied most of the day today, but got away for a bit in the evening to check up on yesterday’s epoxy.  As expected, it was cured, so I removed the clecoes and spent some time shaping the wingtip TE’s.  Once satisfied, mixed a small batch of micro and filled the holes where the clecoes had been.

My order from Avery came today, so I have the Perma-grit countersink and sanding block…I was so impressed with the stuff when I borrowed a sanding block that I had to have my own.  Recommended, wish I’d had this thing when I was doing all the fiberglass earlier.  Hopefully I can get most of the rest of the wingtip install knocked out tomorrow after church.

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