1st June 2007

Deburr & Countersink

Hours: 4.0 | Posted in Horiz. Stabilizer

Deburring and scratch removal on the HS ribs & spars.  Allison worked for a bit on the skins but her hands got tired after a bit–she finished the ribs and the inside of the left skin.  :)   After the deburring, I dimpled the ribs and countersunk the spars to accept the dimples.  I started with the cordless drill for it’s speed control, but switched to the pneumatic when my arm tired of holding the big battery…much easier with the lighter tool, even without the speed control. 

Wrapped up by marking rivet callouts on the plans, and countersinking the spar doublers.  I need to check and see what to do with the holes marked “leave open for empennage fairing attach”–dimple, or not?  I assume these will get nutplates at a later date (or pop rivets?); they are deburred but not dimpled on the skins & ribs.

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