26th May 2007

HS Angles

Hours: 2.0 | Posted in Horiz. Stabilizer

Most of the day doing yardwork with the lawnmower from… well… I found it for free on the side of the road going to work one day last year.  Does that tell you anything?  It mows…most of the time.  That’s about all I can say for it. 

Remade the HS attach angles today, with the new angle stock that I ordered along with the practice kit.  This time around, I ran the edges of the stock on the sanding disc before marking the cut lines, so I could make a nice edge without the worry of removing too much material.  I also used the tilt table on the sanding disc after the hacksaw to bring the edges right to the line, and to keep everything at a consistent angle.  Just like Dad always said…”make the machine the expert.”  A couple passes over the Scotchbrite wheel and things were looking good.  Much happier at this point than I was with the old ones.

Still plenty of time for foul play though, with my old nemesis the drill press.  I carefully measured & marked the hole layout, then center-punched, but this time instead of going right to the drill press, I twisted a #40 bit by hand to enlarge the centerpunch marks.  I found that this really helped get things started in the right place when I went to the drill press.  The holes looked good, and I remeasured the alignment hole (top center) at each step in the process to be sure.  Everything was good, so I clecoed & clamped them to the HS spar.  Drilled out the holes, disassembled and deburred everything.

That seemed like a good place to stop and go knock off more of the “honey-do” list, so I cleaned up the shop and organized everything.  Oh-I also put a valve on the outlet of the compressor tank yesterday; that solved the overnight leak-down problem: I suspect the culprit is the $20 Menards special “air control kit”…they’re cheaply built and (obviously) has a slow leak somewhere.  Regardless, this solved the problem, and will also allow for cleaning the filter bowl without having to air down the tank.

New HS Angles Angles drilled to HS front spar

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