4th May 2012

FWF loose ends

Hours: 2.0 | Posted in Engine

Drilled a 3/16″ hole in the breather tube and bent it upwards with a punch, as recommended by the Lycoming SB to create a “whistle slot”, the function of which is to relieve crankcase pressure in the event that the breather outlet should ice over in cold temperatures.  The common RV FWF layout (like mine) has the end of the breather tube over the exhaust, which should prevent that from happening anyway, but it’s the belt & suspenders approach.

Added some spiral wrap around the oil temp, oil pressure, and fuel pressure sensor wires, to offer them more protection and support.  Larger wrap was added to the bundles of wires leading to the Pmags, for protection & support.

Flywheel set in place with alternator belt, and prop spacer loosely secured to it with three bolts.  I want to be pretty sure I’m ready for this step before putting the bolts in for real with Loctite, so I’ll sleep on it tonight.  Of course, while fitting it, I managed to knock the spacer on the concrete floor (aargh!  yes, bad words were used…), causing dings on two opposite sides.  I had to file the resultant bumps down flat, so the front & back surfaces were once again a level plane to seat against the flywheel & prop, and put some primer over the filed spots for protection.

If I can arrange a flatbed truck, and align it with time off work, she might move to the hangar middle of the week.

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