7th April 2012

Fill the gaps

Hours: 6.0 | Posted in Cowling & Baffles, Engine

Started the day with another layer of epoxy on the cowling halves.  Should be ready for sanding on Monday.

Covered critical parts with plastic and washed the engine with Dawn and lots of water, to remove the fiberglass dust left behind from all the sanding over the last months.  Dried with the air hose, towels, paper towels, and plugging in the engine heater.  It really starts to get warm quite rapidly.

Trimmed & smoothed the front baffle, and cut some pieces of airseal, then drilled and punched holes.  I won’t do the final attach of that until I have a chance to re-fit the cowls to check for proper clearances & airseal contact.  Red RTV’d the perimeter of the baffles all around the engine, and filled various holes at corners & such.

Touched up a couple dings in the engine mount powdercoat with the powdercoat-colored paint.

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