3rd March 2012

Topcoat fairings // brakes

Hours: 5.0 | Posted in Gear & Fairings, Wing & Tail Joins

Two sessions today.  In the afternoon, sanded the K36 smooth — that stuff sands very easy — and sprayed a topcoat of DPLF epoxy primer, per the advice of folks at VAF, who say it is more resistant to oil, etc.

In the evening, came back to respray one elevator tip, whose finish was marred when the plastic sheet that makes up the paint booth perimeter fell on it while drying.  Argh, and it doesn’t look quite as good as the other, but good enough to last until the plane is painted for real…just trying to make sure the glass is protected and looks decent here.

Also tightened one more leaking NPT elbow on the passenger’s left brake, and re-bled the left brake system.  Replaced the broken right brake bleeder screw, and re-bled that side, but there was a continual stream of tiny bubbles in the fluid and the right brake is definitely softer than the left.  I think pumping up the bleeder tank put bubbles in the fluid when the level in the tank got low, so I filled it back up and pumped it up.  I’ll leave it set overnight to allow the bubbles to settle out, and re-bleed again tomorrow; hopefully that’ll fix it.

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