19th February 2012

Mr. Sandman

Hours: 6.1 | Posted in Canopy & Frame, Wing & Tail Joins

More sanding, and nothing but sanding.  Sanded down the coats of epoxy that were applied to the canopy fairing last night; I think it’s going to come out alright.  Masked off the canopy and Allison helped me move it to sawhorses to wait for spraying.

Sanded down the empennage fairing, so that can be primed too, though there are a couple spots that need a bit of micro and followup sanding.

Spent the rest of the session starting work on the emp tips: final-drilling the holes, dimpling/countersinking, and sanding for primer.  One of the elevator tips needs a little micro along the seam, and the rudder top fairing will, too.  Hoping to get the rest of the tip work (just the rudder bottom) done tomorrow and apply some micro, then spray all this stuff midweek.  I think it’ll be a mental boost to have all the glasswork except the cowling “done” (for now, and excepting gear fairings which will probably wait until after first flight.)

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