17th September 2011

Look ma, no holes

Hours: 5.0 | Posted in Electrical

Quite awhile today spent installing the current shunt on the alternator line — fabricated a doubler plate, drilled the mounting holes and rivet holes, installed nutplates, dimpled/countersunk, riveted in place, and located screws sufficiently long to attach it.  The location I chose (right next to the alt fuse) allowed the existing wire to be used without retermination, but I do need to buy another strip of copper bussbar to connect the shunt to the fuse.  Re-tied the wire bundles where I added the wires from the shunt to the EFIS.

With the shunt in, I turned attention to fabricating coverplates for the rest of the gaping holes in my panel — EFIS 2 and the IFR gps/nav/comm (which will probably be a GTN650 if that day ever comes).  Cut some panels out of .032 stock, and riveted angle to the left & right sides, primed, and painted black.  I’ve affixed them with cleco clamps for now, but my plan is to try some small binder clips from the office store, as they’re far lighter and lower-profile.  I don’t want to drill holes to attach them, since I want them to be easily removable, and don’t want to interfere with the places holes might need to be drilled to mount instrument trays later on.

With the blank plates in place on everything now, the panel is essentially complete.

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