18th September 2011

Last skin prep

Hours: 2.0 | Posted in Upper Fuse & Skins

Took some high-resolution photos of the area forward of the subpanel, which may come in handy later on when I need to recall how something was done under there, or visualize it from a different angle prior to stuffing myself under the panel to work on it.  Then, started prep on the forward top skin, which’ll soon be riveted in place over that area.  Deburred, dimpled, and scuffed the skin.  Hopefully we’ll have a warm calm evening this week to shoot the white primer on it–I’ve used white on everything in that upper area, with the hope that it will make working up there more pleasant/visible later.

I need to pick up some more syringes from the farm store to use for placing the firewall sealant before riveting.

Took another look at the fit of the empennage fairing; I’d like to get that done before the weather turns too cold, so that I can pull the tail feathers, move them to the hangar, and have room for cars in the garage during winter.

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