26th June 2011

Working the list

Hours: 5.5 | Posted in Engine, Plumbing

Worked on various little projects around the plane:

  • Finished install of cabin brake lines.  Torqued and marked.
  • Bolted rudder pedals in place.  Tried the middle holes, but with the seat put in, they’re too close for me, so moved them to the forward holes.
  • Messed with ignition leads to see how much too long they are (some are just right, others are several inches too long).
  • Cut pieces of screen for the second heater air takeoff, and the cabin fresh air vents.  Installed the vent screens between the scoop and the duct.  RTV’d the heater takeoff screen and clecoed the flange in place to cure; this’ll get riveted next time.
  • Played with routing for the left heater feed, which comes off the baffle inlet ramp.  Discovered that there is enough room between engine and cowling to run the SCAT along the bottom of the valve covers with adel clamps.  Will need longer screws to allow attachment of things like these clamps, and ignition wires, to the valve cover screws.
  • Fabricated and installed a bracket for the purge valve cable.
  • Installed new lockwashers, torqued and marked the engine case bolts along the top that were removed for installation of baffles & brackets.
  • Figured out how to install the Reiff preheater power harness along the top of the engine, and did so.  Ran the cable to the sump heaters through the same grommet as the fuel supply to the spider.
  • Installed clamps to secure the transducer-spider fuel hose.
  • Started work on finishing up the engine side of the thermocouple wiring.  I’m planning to leave these wires long and double them back, leaving plenty of extra length, as they would be a pain to replace in the event that one needed to be trimmed and no extra length available.

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