14th June 2011


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My tech counselor, Mike Hilger, stopped out this morning to take a look at the project. I’d asked him to come and take a look before I get to the point of buttoning up the forward top skin, since after it’s on, the only access to that area is from underneath the panel. I’m still going to wait awhile to put that skin on, since there are more things to be done up there (incl. brake lines & rudder cables).  I also wanted him to check out the FWF work I’d done so far.  Based on his comments, I’m on the right track and doing good work.  We talked about a few items and next steps for baffles, cowling, tips, and so on.

I let the folks at work know today that I’m hoping to take a couple blocks of time off during the summer…perhaps one early and one late, to do some hardcore shop time.  I feel like I can keep pretty good momentum going and get a lot done with a few full days to work.

Also called to request a bill of sale from Van’s today; they sent me a couple forms to fill out and return, then they’ll send it out.  Then, I’ll be ready to submit the FAA registration paperwork (my N-number reservation renewal is up at the end of July, so it makes as much sense to register instead of renewing this year).

Hope to order brake lines & harnesses tomorrow, and hopefully will confirm with Catto by the end of the week.

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