21st February 2011

Panel & lights

Hours: 4.2 | Posted in Cabin & Interior, Electrical

Cleaned up the bench and found the countersink cutter, so I countersunk the vent brackets and panel top, then pulled everything apart for deburring and primer.  The panel won’t be primed/painted yet, as it will need more drilling and such to mount the avionics.

Wired the map lights and baggage lights to the dimmer module, temporarily connected the dimmer pots, and put some power to it; it’s fun to see things light up.  I also clamped an LED strip along the bottom of the subpanel to test if it would work for cabin/footwell lighting.  It did, so I installed that as well, though the wiring is not yet final.

Drilled the large holes in the firewall for the throttle, mixture, and center cabin heat cables.  Tomorrow I’ll drill the screw holes to hold the eyeballs in place.

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