23rd September 2010

The end of the wing riveting

Hours: 2.4 | Posted in Skin Panels, Wing & Tail Joins

Finished up the wing skin riveting tonight (excepting the nutplates for the inspection covers).  I’m clearly not as good of a left-handed riveter, as I managed to put an ugly ding in the right wing bottom skin by slipping off the bar.  Sigh.  Smoothed it out a bit and will either leave it alone or use some filler before paint to level it.

Cleaned the shop up and made room for the wing attach, hopefully coming up this weekend.  The rudder & elevators were removed and stored, then the fuselage was turned into the center of the shop and leveled in both axes.  Measurements were taken, and it appears that there is enough room to fit the wings without having to clear the piles of stuff from the side walls.  The canopy was also removed, as it would hit the garage door opener if opened fully, and having it off will give better access for leaning over to reach the spar bolts.

Wing riveting complete Setting up for the wing attach Fuselage levelled Canopy removed for ease of access

Next step: read up on what needs to be done prior to the wing attach (so far: trim rear spar stub, trim fuel/vent lines, and some sort of marking for the root fairing holes…what else?)

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