6th September 2010

Wing skins ready

Hours: 5.2 | Posted in Electrical, Skin Panels

Worked against the weather today to get the wing skins primed.  While the spray gear was set up, the baggage wall pieces were primed and painted, as well.  Thinning the Rustoleum paint has been hit-and-miss, and today’s batch was a miss…I think it was thinned out too far, and the panels ended up with very heavy coats to get the coverage needed without pinholes…they have a different look than the rest of the interior; for now, we’ll let it go, since there are other inconsistencies, and these panels can easily be pulled out, stripped, and repainted later if it becomes bothersome.

Also finished wiring the internal parts of the wings, trimming the wires to length and crimping on the connectors for the landing lights and the D-sub for the autopilot servo, and terminating the leads to the pitot heat control board.  I later realized that I have not yet run cable for the OAT sensors which will be installed in the right wing to feed the EFIS boxes.  I also epoxied some zip-tie bases to the underside of the seatback bulkhead for holding the headset jack wires, and installed the baggage light strip under there as well, using it’s built-in adhesive strip.

Pitot heat controller wired Landing light connectors Autopilot servo connector

Neighbor Jeff stopped by to check on the progress; it’s been awhile since he’s seen the project.  People who see it now say it looks like an airplane.

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