25th June 2008

Trim tab primed

Hours: 0.4 | Posted in Elevators

Primed the trim tab components. The rib locations were masked off so that the adhesive (I will use some epoxy) has a better surface to stick to. From here, it should be a quick job to finish out the tab, and thus, the empennage! (Well, except for the fiberglass…)

The AFS primer/sealer works really nice in weather like this; you can keep moving at a good pace since the light coats dry quickly. (Today: scattered clouds, 86*F, 43% humidity, and a light breeze.) The last priming session wasn’t so much fun, since the humidity was high (90%+) for several weeks, and things were taking forever to dry. I had to touch up a couple spots where fingertips had goofed up the coating. Today, by the time I had sprayed the last pieces, the first pieces were ready for their second coat. I’m quite happy with this stuff.

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