24th June 2008

Trailing edges & trim tab

Hours: 4.0 | Posted in Elevators

Pulled all the clecoes from the trailing edges & angles…the Proseal has been drying for quite awhile, and all appeared to be straight and solid. Squeezed in rivets partway, then used a cut-off bit of the AEX wedge to shim the squeezer to the proper angle to set the rivets fully. Worked well, and they turned out nicely; there may be a teeny variation from straight here or there, but well within the allowable range, and nothing to worry about. I found that sighting the edges was made a bit frustrating by the blobs of Proseal hanging off–is that a wave in the edge, or is it just a lumpy blob of sealant?

Following dinner, I jumped on the trim tab, which went together pretty quickly. Got the hinge drilled to the tab & trimmed to length, the ends bent up, match drilled the holes, and shaped the control horn. Should be able to prep & get some primer on it tomorrow. Need to pick up some epoxy to bond in the foam riblets.

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