2nd June 2010

Seat pans & misc

Hours: 2.8 | Posted in Upper Fuse & Skins

Worked on a bunch of odds ‘n’ ends tonight:

  • Marked and drilled the seatback attach hinges (hint: mark & drill one, then use cleco-clamps to attach it to the next and use it as a drill template), then drilled them to the seat pans.  Back-drilled the aft hinges for the rivets that attach to the seat ribs.
  • Trimmed the necessary eyelets from the hinges.  First use of the bandsaw on this project…it really cuts the aluminum like the proverbial butter.  A little filing, a brush on the scotchbrite wheel, and they were done quickly.
  • Removed the aft skins from the fuselage and set them aside to be prepped for primer and later riveting.
  • Installed some snap bushings in the mid-tailcone, where I couldn’t reach earlier with the skins on.
  • Squeezed the two forward-most rivets on the aft deck, which I didn’t do before due to their proximity to the bulkhead (which I also removed).
  • Deburred the harness cable attach bracket holes in the longerons.

Drilling the seatback hinges Seatback hinges drilled to seat pans Eyelets trimmed and hinge pins inserted

Aft top skins removed Aft deck riveting complete

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