20th May 2010

Evening work session

Hours: 3.2 | Posted in Upper Fuse & Skins

Working on tying up some of the loose ends still floating:

  • Finished assembling the brake pedals, including cotter pins on the bolts.
  • Installed the steps, bearing blocks, and doublers.  Allison helped rivet the steps to the fuselage.
  • Enlarged tooling holes in the aftmost  bulkheads for snap bushings.
  • Finished deburring the aft deck area and riveted the angle crossbeam in place.
  • Re-leveled the fuselage, and clecoed the aft deck and spacers in place for riveting.
  • Dimpled the baggage floors, and squeezed four rivets on the baggage bulkhead that had been left open earlier.
  • Ran a cord through the holes where the rudder cable runs behind the baggage sidewalls, so the cable can be easily threaded through after the walls have been installed.

After cleaning up under the baggage area and spot-priming anything in need, the baggage floors should be ready to go down, and then the baggage wall can be fit.  The end-of-year rush should be letting up soon, and I become half-time at work during most of the summer, so I’m hoping to make some decent progress this summer.

Steps riveted in place Inside step showing doubler Behind the baggage wall

Step and rope through rudder bushings Brake pedals assembled Brake pedal closeup showing textured paint

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