4th May 2007

Back at it

Hours: 1.5 | Posted in Horiz. Stabilizer

Back from the trip to Alaska.  It’s always nice to go “home,” even if it’s only for a few days.  Our flight out of ANC (nonstop to MSP) was cancelled (5 minutes after the scheduled departure time) when the fourth flight attendant called in sick, so we ended up standing in line for a couple hours to get rebooked.  We ended up bouncing through Portland, and got into Minneapolis about 6 hours after we had originally planned.  Making some progress on things around the house, and the siding for the shop is on order at Menard’s (estimated delivery 3 weeks…hard to believe!), so I can take a peek at the project again.  Allison is afraid that once I start, I won’t stop until it’s done.  Even to eat.  Apparently she’s observed some of my past projects…or else she’s been talking to Mom.  ;)

Match drilled the spars that I’d clecoed before we left, and started on the attach angles.  Unfortunately, the drill press I’m using has some wobble to it, and isn’t highly precise for drilling holes, so I’m unhappy with the way the 9-hole pattern turned out.  I clecoed the angles to the spar in the alignment hole, and I think they’d work fine, but I would be unhappy with them forever; they’re ugly, and I’m a perfectionist.  I think I’ll order the practice kit and some ProSeal for trailing edges from Van’s, and have them throw in another piece of aluminum angle…it’s only about $6.

The ugly angles

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