10th June 2008

Elevator riveting & trailing edges

Hours: 4.5 | Posted in Elevators

Spent the morning & early afternoon in the shop and got quite a bit done. After only one goof-up (I had te re-fabricate the gusset I made yesterday when it slipped while drilling and the hole was too close to the edge of the piece), I was able to finish up the riveting on the left elevator skin, mount the rod ends, and call it good.

I decided that since there was time left in the afternoon, I would start on the trailing edges, so I drilled, dimpled, and countersunk the appropriate pieces for both elevators. (The rudder was done previously.) I need to pick up a couple pieces of angle to use when pro-sealing the edges to keep them straight…I looked into using the tabletop, but it has just a bit of a wave in it. It would probably be okay (less than the 0.1″ noted in the manual), but why not try for perfect?

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