2nd April 2010

Again, fuselage riveting

Hours: 2.1 | Posted in Forward Fuselage

Two steps forward, .8 steps back…  Allison came out tonight and helped with riveting — we did both fore & aft rows at the center section bulkhead, and the outboard floor stiffeners.  About 5 minutes after we finished the floor stiffeners, I came to the realization (through a convoluted thought process) that the left and right outboard floor stiffeners had been transposed when clecoed in.  (I must have mismarked them after etching and priming.)  Essentially, this meant that the vertical leg of the angle was toward the outside of the fuselage, instead of the centerline.  Looking ahead in the plans, I could see no problems this would cause, except for two things: first, the panels which hide the fuel & brake line runs would need to be altered, to move the notch for the vertical leg of the stiffener angles outboard about 1″; and second, any carpet underlayment foam would have to be cut to non-standard dimensions…not a big deal, but something to remember when ordering interior stuff, since the foam often comes with the carpets.

Floor stiffeners...outboard left/right are reversed Cover plate does not fit with stiffeners reversed Riveting progress

After some internal debate, I decided that I would just drill the things out, swap them, and be done with it.  50 rivets to drill out, all of which went fine without any problems.  We’ll re-set these in tomorrow’s batch.

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