10th January 2010

Tailcone riveting

Hours: 5.5 | Posted in Aft Fuselage

Riveted the two aft bulkheads to the tailcone skin, then clecoed the entire tailcone together.  Set a rivet at each bulkhead/stringer/skin junction (so, 4 places per bulkhead) before flipping the tailcone upside down on sawhorses for riveting.  Allison graciously drove all the bottom rivets I couldn’t reach solo, while I bucked from inside the tailcone.  After that was done, we flipped it back right-side-up, and I continued riveting; ended the night with about half of the right side done.  Should be able to finish this up tomorrow night.  Space in the shop getting rather tight now with two cars, garden tractor with snowblower, mower deck, generator, wing cart, workbench, and tailcone all competing for floor space…

Aft bulkheads riveted to tailcone skin Clecoing tailcone for riveting

Riveting bottom of tailcone Tailcone bottoms rivets done Riveting tailcone; levels to check twist

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