2nd January 2010

Tailcone dimpled

Hours: 2.4 | Posted in Aft Fuselage

Dimpled the tailcone components; they are now ready for etch & prime, but I am essentially out of primer. Also drilled and dimpled the #8 screw hole that will eventually hold the sleeve for the rudder cable in place as it passes out of the tailcone.

Ordered more primer and etch solution from Stewart Systems, which will hopefully arrive later this week, along with a boxful of Scotchbrite pads and some other assorted items: 1″ deburring wheels and the like from Cleaveland Tool, just down the highway in Boone, IA.

Trying to decide whether to join in on the group buy for Andair boost pump/filter/mount assemblies, which could save 12% or so off regular price, though I won’t actually need those components until later…and the possibility of them having an Oshkosh pump/filter/valve deal again this summer as they did last summer?

Tailcone parts, ready for priming Tailcone skins ready for priming

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