5th December 2009

Bulkheads ‘n’ more

Hours: 4.2 | Posted in Bulkheads

Finished deburring the rest of the bulkhead components, and cut the tapers into the bars for the 711 bulkhead…yes, 40 inches of taper with a hacksaw.  Not having the ability (space- or time-wise) to prime these parts soon, I rather continued by clecoing the aftmost bulkheads together and fitting them to the tailcone skin.  Or rather, fitting the tailcone skin to the bulkheads.  This is a notorious place that needs a bunch of trial-and-error fitting, so I spent some time assembling and disassembling, adjusting the bends of the tailcone skin until things were fitting well.  Also pulled the blue plastic off the tailcone skins.

Bulkheads fit to aft tailcone skin

Flipped to the  next page in the manual and saw the next big task–longeron bending.  Nothing to do but pull them out, so I did.  Clamped them together and marked the measurements, then wrapped up for the day.  I need to get a bagful of small C-clamps, in preparation for the “Orndorff method” of longeron bending, and also figure out the business people talk about with marking the longerons every inch.  Located and removed plastic from the canopy side decks, which are used to set the longeron bends.

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