28th November 2009

Bulkhead fabrication, still

Hours: 2.8 | Posted in Bulkheads

Home again after the turkey day trip to to visit with Allison’s family…  More work on bulkheads tonight; I think I have all the fabrication of bulkhead parts completed, except for tapering the vertical bars on the 711 bulkhead.  Drilled the heavy angles to the 705, and drilled/filed the slots for the canopy latch fingers.  Also went back through each bulkhead and did the necessary countersinking, and any drilling that was missed earlier.  Once those bars get tapered, it’ll be time to take all of these apart for deburring.  Lots of little flanges and tabs to deal with…yick.

705 reinforcing angles 705 bulkhead 710 and 711 bulkheads

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