23rd November 2009

Bulkhead fabrication fest

Hours: 3.4 | Posted in Bulkheads

Tonight, match-drilled the remaining holes in the 705 bulkhead, and re-fabricated the replacement parts that arrived today–the seatbelt anchors and rear spar doublers.  (While looking over some other builder’s sites, I realized I had drilled an extra hole in the doubler bars; there is one rivet that goes through the bottom bar, but not the doubler, where the doubler is angling away from the bar.  Since this is part of what holds the wings on, and I needed to order replacement seatbelt anchors anyway, I added new bars to the order.)

After clamping and drilling the new doubler bars, I cut the tapers on both (much easier with the new hacksaw blades) and smoothed the edges.  Finished fabricating the large angles that go under the 705 bulkhead for the canopy latch arms.  And, drilled and clecoed the angles to the channels that support the elevator bellcrank.

Seatbelt anchors drilled in place 705 bulkhead coming together Bulkhead component fabrication

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